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I have been obsessed with music since I was a kid, and it's been an integral part of my life for nearly as long. I played in rock bands in Portland in the early nineties, managed bands for awhile, mixed bands live and in the studio, booked a nightclub for over five years and wrote about music for nearly a decade.

I have, however, always been more interested in the sound of the music than the melody or lyrics. This has led me to explore the extremes of experimental electronic music. I tend to prefer material that has at least some rhythmic component. But other than that, the weirder and noisier, the better.

I played around with hardware samplers for years, but the abilities of software have come so far that I rarely turn the hardware on anymore. I mostly mess with mutilating loops; chopping, stretching and slathering them in effects. I also tend to simply play with sounds, without ever finishing a whole "song." I guess my audio endeavors would be best suited to creating aural atmospheres. And actually, I have dabbled in film sound.

In any case, here are some mp3s of some stuff that I'm calling "done":

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