My first batch of compositions under the INTP moniker were the Stretches. These were created by taking a short sample and applying to it a set series of processing steps. My original intention was to treat these as something of an exercise or a "stretch." I've long had the tendency to lose interest in a song before I get it to a point at which I would call it "done." So, with the Stretches, I took a sample (most of them being very recognizable bits from very recognizable songs) and put it through a series of torturous processing steps. Having this set sequence of steps kept me from getting bogged down in indecision and gave me a definite point at which to call it done.

Now, being that I lack discipline, I did vary my treatments a little. You could say that my artistic instincts overrode my intellectual intentions. In any case, I found myself hypnotized by the "random" drones that resulted (are they random or are they dictated by the pattern of the source sample?) I did fifteen Stretches in all. Here are three of them to check out.

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