I bought my first sampler -- and Ensonic EPS -- with some money my parents gave me in 1989. Even though I was heavily involved in the Portland indie rock scene at the time, I had always had a love for manipulating, massaging and messing with the fabric of sound.

I never did do much with that EPS, though my drummer in Thrillhamer and I put together a few shitty tracks and presented them at a Satyricon Sunday Cabaret, much to the amusement of the handful of people there. (Oh and while I was on tour, Daniel from Hitting Birth took it out of the friend's basement I had stored it in and used it to record the Hitting Birth album... and, running short on floppies, erased some of my samples to record his.)

But I decided to make another stab at being an electronic musician in the late nineties. I got a Roland SP-808 and an Ensonic ARS-10 (which I'm told was heavily favored by Autechre). I pushed myself to keep at it and managed to finish some "songs" (if you can call them that) in early 2001. I called myself "Yukster" because of the Mr. Yuk (poison control symbol) tattoo that I've had since 1991.

I only did a few songs with that gear before discovering the PC looping program called Sonic Foundry Acid. I fell in love with that program (and even used it on some of my film sound work). Using Acid, I slowly produced several more tracks that I could more or less call "finished".

Somewhere along the way, though, I discovered Ableton Live, and that's what I've used ever since. It's the perfect sound creation tool for me. That being said, in the intervening years I have futzed around with my strange sound manipulation habit in fits and gasps, rarely sticking with it enough to call something done.

In any case, below are most of my Yukster tracks ranging from 2001 to 2008. I've tried to put them in roughly chronological order, but I really can't remember anymore. The earlier stuff is more dance oriented; me trying to be a Big Beat producer. I gradually got in into weirder and weird stuff. I'm just more of a sound collage maker than a composer. Anyway, not sure when or if I'll ever get around to doing some more.

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