Amon Tobin
Out From Out Where
Ninja Tune Records

First appeared in the Willamette Week, October, 2002

Ninja Tune posterchild Amon Tobin delivers yet another collection of complex, confounding and endlessly creative cuts on Out From Out Where, his fifth full length (counting from his debut, released under the name Cujo). This time around he seems to inch a little closer to the jungle barrage he lays down in his live sets; the overall vibe is a bit more intense and busier than Supermodified. Not that there aren’t any calm, reflective moments, as is evidenced by tracks like “Searchers” and “Proper Hoodige.” As usual, they come cloaked in eerie, atmospheric samples likely lifted from some long forgotten b-movie soundtrack. However, when Mr. Tobin gets going, as with squishy, swirly stompers like “Verbal” (with chipmunk rapping by MC Decimal R.), “Triple Science” and “Rosies” the sheer wall of sonic activity is dizzying. All in all, yet further evidence of this guy’s spectacular sound shaping and beat wrangling skills.

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