Richie Hawtin, Wesley Holmes, Dave Zam (Showbox)

First appeared in the Seattle Weekly, June, 2002

While the DJ/dance thing has always been less of a spectator sport than rock—the crowd’s generally more interested in dancing than watching—a pioneer like Richie Hawtin might very well draw a crowd around the tables. This bespectacled uber-geek stumbled into the Detroit club scene at just the right time (the late eighties), and soon became one of the prime movers in that city’s techno revolution. However, rather than rest on his laurels, Hawtin has branched out in a variety of experimental directions—from brain-bashing-beat-barrage to barely-there-ambient-minimalism—and has worked with a veritable who’s-who of electronic music. He’s even traipsed along the bleeding edge of equipment design, using and championing a computer-aided turntable and mixer system called Final Scratch. That alone might make pushing your way to the DJ booth worthwhile.

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