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In early 2001, I decided that I should make a stab at doing sound effects work, something that I had dreamed of doing since I saw Star Wars repeatedly in the summer of 1977. I read various books, learned how to use audio software, and started trying to make local film industry contacts.

I did manage to find some independent film projects to work on, including a full-length feature. However, I wasn't making much money at it and, after being laid off from another restaurant job, decided to go back to school. After making that decision, I stopped looking for films to work on at all. Once I got into school, I fell in love with programming and quickly forgot about film work. I still love making weird noises (and noise music), but doing film sound for others was often pretty tedious.

Anyway, here are some clips from the films I worked on (please note that these clips are not necessarily from the finished versions and are Quicktime and are fairly large; dial-up users beware!):

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